First week winding down

We’ve been working in our client’s office in the Central Business District (CBD) all week, which has been really productive.  The more we work on the project, the more excited our team gets.  The client has done a great job in defining a substantial yet achievable scope for our work, and we are hoping it will really make a significant impact.

One advantage to working in our client’s office is that they have a much faster internet connection than we have at our hotel (one reason why I’ve been a bit slow to get blog updates posted).  It has been down once that we’ve noticed, but still it’s quite good and they seem very proud of it!

We try to time our commutes to avoid the worst of the Nairobi traffic, but that is an entirely other post yet to come.  Sathvika from India on our sub-team has been doing extensive traffic research which gives us a rather more strategic approach (she’s a consultant lol).

Kenya 2 iphone 007

Security in our office is very good.  In most office buildings there are two guards (one male and one female) who will check bags and for weapons as you enter the building.  Our front door guards are very friendly.

Kenya 2 iphone 011

Once we get up to the 6th floor where we’re working, we have two more friendly guards to greet us (and help us remember which side of the floor our office is in, since they are identical and we keep getting mixed up lol).  I must say with all this security we feel very safe!  Kenya 2 iphone 001

If a fire breaks out, however, I’m not sure I’m feeling quite as safe.  The instructions are rather complicated….

Kenya 3 001

My search for a really great latte continued, but alas the promising coffee shop across from our office turned out to be a disappointment, even though the latte looked lovely and I was convinced it would be “the one”.

Kenya 2 iphone 008

Patrick found a great lunch place though, with delicious chicken for a very reasonable price.  Good call, Patrick.

Kenya 3 002

On Thursday night we had the first of our “international snack nights”, as everyone in the group has brought food from their home country to share with the group.  Win from Hong Kong and Ulla from Germany brought such an amazing spread (I think each of them must have filled up half their suitcases with food!) that I have been seriously outdone with my meager snack (I shall be very embarrassed to pull it out some evening soon).  Not the best shot below but it was a really fun night.

Kenya 3 005

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