Weekend in Lake Naivasha

For the weekend of June 22-23, my friend Mary and I wanted to get out of the city and relax.  We had her adorable 3 yo son Abraham and her nanny Helen with us, and we wanted someplace where we wouldn’t have to do a lot of driving around once we got there.  Mary found a great place for us to stay in Lake Naivasha, the Sopa Lodge, which turned out to be the perfect weekend getaway.

Saturday morning we had a smooth and quick drive up, taking us about an hour and 15 minutes after we stopped at some shops in Westlands to pick up picnic supplies for lunch.  I was very impressed with the variety there – you can get almost anything you want in Westlands.  There was a great gourmet market where we picked up fruit, cheese, ciabatta bread and some amazingly good muffins.  Along with a bottle of wine, our lunch was complete.


We saw a giraffe right after we drove through the gate of the hotel.  From the car:


We had our picnic lunch right on the back patio of our cottage, where we had  a lovely view of the grounds with grazing waterbuck while enjoying our lunch.  Our view:



Saturday afternoon, we went on a great boat ride, and saw even more wildlife, as well as a variety of birds, which Naivasha is really known for.  We saw kingfisher, fish eagles, pelicans, green Mamba snake, buffalo, and hippos in the water.  Plus a lot of other birds I can’t remember the names of now (not helped by the fact that I never did buy that bird guide to Kenya before leaving), so I’ll have to look them up later.

Sunday morning we took a relaxing walk around the grounds before breakfast, coming across some giraffes hiding in the trees and a group of zebra.  The hotel had three horses available, so I took a ride on a TB mare called “Fighting girl”, my first time riding in years.  My guide was great and let me canter around the field where the wildlife were grazing right in front of the cottages.  We could walk right up to the waterbuck, giraffe and zebras who didn’t mind the horses at all.  Pretty amazing.

It was a fantastic weekend, and so great to catch up with Mary.  Although we hadn’t seen each other in years (I won’t even say how many!), it was like we had never been apart.

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