Weekend at Lake Nakuru

Two weeks ago, our entire team took a trip together to Lake Nakuru National Park.  The park used to be known for its millions of flamingos, but due to changes in the water levels and environment, most of the birds have left for other areas.  We did get to see some, as well as a lot of other amazing wildlife, including several white rhino (one very close to the van was illuminated in the dark by our headlights as we raced to our camp after getting a bit off track looking for lion Saturday night).  We also saw zebras, giraffes, ostrich, Thompson’s gazelles, waterbuck, buffalo, jackal, hippos (one with a tiny baby) and more.  There were also numerous birds including the flamingos and golden crested cranes.

Here are a few highlights (click on a photo for larger images).

We spent Saturday night in a lovely tented camp called Flamingo Hill, which was inside the park boundaries.  Our only regret was that with our long day Saturday and early departure for another game drive on Sunday, we didn’t have more time to enjoy the property.

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